These Awesome Area Rugs Bring Stargazing to Your Living Room

Weekends are for dreaming of interior design. This weekend, I'm gazing with covetous awe at Schönstaub's nebula area rugs. The three rug designs are photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of nebulas in the small and large Magellanic Clouds. » 4/06/14 12:16pm 4/06/14 12:16pm

Maritime Maps by the Harbour

Part topography, part bathymetry, part meteorology, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum has one intense carpet. Two hundred square meters of the museum are dedicated to this maritime map of the Hong Kong harbour. » 3/30/14 2:33pm 3/30/14 2:33pm

The space-time continuum in carpet-format

A games shop in Paris embraced the rubber-sheet metaphor of space-time to guide their interior design. The illusion is so convincing I can imagine shoppers occasionally stumble when their eyes and feet disagree about where exactly to expect the floor. » 3/15/14 6:44pm 3/15/14 6:44pm