Which Is A Worse Death Trap: Flying Car? Or Green Buggy?

Are we about to get our flying car at last? California-based Moller International says it wants to put the Autovolantor on the roads, and in the air, within the next two years. Meanwhile, another company hopes to have a zero-emissions car of the future on the road by 2009. But which one is more likely to turn you into… »11/04/08 4:00pm11/04/08 4:00pm

Cylon Raider Is The Answer To All Our Future-Car Needs

I've gotten a bit jaded about "car of the future" designs, but I kind of love this scale model of the BMW of 2015, which won BMW's design challenge. Partly because it deconstructs the traditional image of a car, but mostly because it looks like a Cylon raider, sort of. Students Jai Ho Yoo and Lukas Vanek, at Turin's… »8/12/08 1:37pm8/12/08 1:37pm