​The Biggest Mistakes, Blunders and Bad Ideas of 2013

To err is human, to forgive divine. So I guess if you forgive these people and companies for making some of the most moronic decisions of this year, you're a god. Congratulations! Now cast your divine attention to learning how DC, Cartoon Network, Disney and more bungled their way through 2013. » 12/30/13 9:05am 12/30/13 9:05am

Steven Universe is a show about "fantasy's love affair with reality"

Rebecca Sugar was a crucial ingredient in Adventure Time, as an artist, writer and songwriter. And tonight sees the debut of her show Steven Universe, in which a little boy lives with a group of superpowered women. We talked to Sugar about why this show turns the usual relationship between fantasy and reality on its… » 11/04/13 10:40am 11/04/13 10:40am

The Titans fight giant robots and long grocery store lines in the…

Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series may be over, but there's some small consolation in the fact that the Teen Ttans are at least returning to Cartoon Network in Teen Titans Go! The original voice cast return for this goofier, more cartoon-y take on the young DC heroes, as might be evidenced by this… » 4/02/13 8:40am 4/02/13 8:40am

Evangelion and One Piece return to Cartoon Network's Toonami

Good news, everybody! In one of the very few positive things that have happened for the American anime industry over the last five or so years, the Evangelion 1.11 movie will be airing this upcoming Sunday (March 17th) as part of "Toonami's Birthday Party." And that's not all, because all-new episodes of One Piece will… » 3/11/13 11:45am 3/11/13 11:45am

Meet the real people who loaned their faces to Archer's goofy spies

In order to get the wonderful range of physical expressiveness we see in each episode of Archer, the animation team took thousands of photos of real people who would serve as models for the two-dimensional characters. And there are some interesting stories about the faces behind the faces—and why the production team… » 2/09/13 9:30am 2/09/13 9:30am

First look at the Young Justice cartoon's way overdue return

To get ready for return of Young Justice — possibly because they randomly and confusingly stopped airing it back in October — Cartoon Network has just debuted the first trailer for the second, oh, 2/3rds or so of the show's second season, subtitled Invasion. It will resume alongside Green Lantern: The Animated Series » 12/28/12 11:40am 12/28/12 11:40am

Clone Wars' Onderon arc isn't about terrorism after all—it's about…

On its face, it looks like yesterday's Clone Wars episode took the easy way out. After setting up a very risky proxy war and having the Onderon rebels practice terrorist tacts, the rebellion gets away with a clean martyrdom, and the Jedi once again function as pawns of the Republic. But none of it could happened if… » 10/28/12 12:00pm 10/28/12 12:00pm

Sym-Bionic Titan brings the snazzy big robot space operatics

Space royalty, giant robots, alien teens going to high school...these are all standard trappings of science fiction television. But previous shows that mined these scifi conventions lack one big thing that Sym-Bionic Titan has: the animated panache of Genndy Tartakovsky. » 9/19/10 5:45pm 9/19/10 5:45pm