Behind the scenes footage shows how the Interstellar robots were made

Though I understand its problems, I still enjoyed the visual ride that was Interstellar. Still, the best thing about the movie might have been the TARS and CASE moving monolith robot machines. Here's a behind the scenes clip that shows how the practical effects of TARS and CASE were made and how they were controlled… »3/29/15 1:00pm3/29/15 1:00pm


Neuromancer, As Performed in a Missouri Barn by Hippies and Baptists

If I were to tell you that a theatrical version of William Gibson's famous novel Neuromancer was going to be performed in a rural Missouri town, starring a radical leftist activist and members of an amateur theater troupe from a local Baptist church, what would you say? It probably wouldn't be: "Yeah, and wouldn't it… »6/25/08 6:28pm6/25/08 6:28pm