Could J.J. Abrams' new show be more bizarre than Lost? Here's…

As J.J. Abrams preps to shoot his new mysterious, (possibly) time-traveling TV series Alcatraz, we're piecing together the trail of clues Abrams has left. What is this show about? Astral-projecting convicts, ancient magic, science? Here's what we know. Spoilers/speculation ahead... » 1/20/11 1:08pm 1/20/11 1:08pm

The Thing Claims Its First Prequel Victims

The prequel film for John Carpenter's The Thing starts filming next month with newcomer actors Joel Edgerton and Elizabeth Winstead. But does the audience really care what happened to the science team before the monster ran into Kurt Russell? » 2/08/10 1:07pm 2/08/10 1:07pm

Is Bradley Cooper Big Enough To Be The Green Lantern, And Vice Versa?

Rumors are flying that the eternal side character, Bradley Cooper, is finally getting his big screen debut as the power-ring wielding space cop, Green Lantern. But what are the real chances of this coming true? » 5/06/09 1:30pm 5/06/09 1:30pm

La Bamba, Black Canary, A Doc And A Smallvillian Join Stargate

SGU has cast its final crew members - and check it out, it's Lou Diamond Phillips and Ming-Na. Add the new cast to David Blue and Robert Carlyle, and SGU is shaping up quite nicely. » 2/25/09 7:00am 2/25/09 7:00am

New Pretty Boy Joins True Blood's Growing Cast

A new castmember of the overly dramatic — but we love them for it — vampire drama is Preston Jones. While I'm not familiar with his past work in Road Trip II: Beer Pong, I am liking his pretty mug. Let's hope Alan Ball follows True Blood tradition, and gets him topless and bloody in a hurry. Please share your… » 1/26/09 9:30am 1/26/09 9:30am

Can ABC Do Justice To Sawyer's Mind-Bending Novel?

The new ABC drama Flash Forward is picking up the first members of its cast. And it sounds more and more as though the show, based on a novel by Robert J. Sawyer about a worldwide prophetic blackout, will be a worthy companion in weirdness to ABC's Lost and Life On Mars. » 12/02/08 4:06pm 12/02/08 4:06pm

Jack Bauer’s Right-Hand Woman Finds Love on Lost

As Michelle Dessler on 24 » 11/07/08 2:00pm 11/07/08 2:00pm, Reiko Aylesworth battled terrorists, nuclear threats, and office politics. Now she’s joining the cast of , where she’s sure to get caught up in the intricate mysteries and conspiracies of the Island. But it seems her character will be less interested in unraveling those enigmas than in…

io9 Talks To Cloverfield Director Matt Reeves

Cloverfield opens today, ending months of internet speculation and Slusho tie-in controversies. We spoke to the man behind the movie, Matt Reeves. He took time out of his busy day, where he's poised to count bags of incoming cash and laugh maniacally, to talk to us about Gojira, David Schwimmer, and the big secret at… » 1/18/08 9:50am 1/18/08 9:50am

Justice League Movie Gets Bitchslapped

The writers strike is forcing executives to actually consider some of the rash decisions they've made. Case in point, the Justice League movie. Before the holidays there were announcements of cast members, chatter about the shooting location, a script that needed some work, and even rumblings from the Christian Bale/… » 1/08/08 2:50pm 1/08/08 2:50pm