Some surprising names top the shortlist for Episode VII's Jedi hero

Girls star Adam Driver is the rumored villain in the next Star Wars, but who will play the Jedi to his possible Sith? Word is that the starring role in Episode VII is down to a handful of names, and we're pleasantly surprised to see who's on the list. » 3/12/14 2:43pm 3/12/14 2:43pm

Imagining Remakes Of Old TV Series

This is the age of the reboot. It's been happening regularly for the last 15 years at least, spurred on, I think, by a few successes like BSG and the Brady Bunch movies. Despite the failure of almost all others, such as Knight Rider, The Bionic Woman, the UK The Avengers movie, the Dukes of Hazzard movie, and Total… » 2/27/14 2:46pm 2/27/14 2:46pm

This gender-swapped Lord of the Rings dream casting is note perfect

We all know that Middle-Earth is a sausage fest. But what would happen if you flipped all the genders? Could Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings still work as well if you replaced Sean Bean, John Noble and Sean Astin with women? This dream cast proves it would. It's... a diversion. » 5/28/13 12:40pm 5/28/13 12:40pm

Mark Sheppard really should play Avon in Syfy's Blake's 7 reboot

Syfy is apparently racing ahead at speed Standard by Six with its remake of Blake's 7, the classic British show about criminals who join a political prisoner to fight an evil space empire. This show will live and die based on the character of Avon, and there's one actor who's uniquely qualified to play him. » 4/30/13 11:47am 4/30/13 11:47am

Which of these eight actors will play Tetsuo in the American Akira?

So Amerikira: The Battle for Neo Des Moines has found its Kaneda and potentially its Kei. Now, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Warner Bros. wants to lock down the movie's Tetsuo by Thanksgiving. The shortlist at this point includes: » 11/19/11 1:45pm 11/19/11 1:45pm

The Seventh Doctor has been cast as Gandalf's wizard pal in The Hobbit

Nothing's been signed yet, but Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy has been offered the role of Gandalf's fellow wizard Radagast the Brown in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. If David Tennant gets in, we'll have a regular Whoverse invasion of Middle Earth. » 10/24/10 1:55pm 10/24/10 1:55pm

Will Victor from Dollhouse be the new flame on Torchwood?

Enver Gjokaj (a.k.a. Victor from Dollhouse) is reportedly in the running to play Rex Matheson, a hard-bitten CIA agent on Torchwood: New World who's oblivious to his coworker's crush. Cue Captain Jack stepping in and breaking some hearts. » 10/23/10 7:30am 10/23/10 7:30am