Even In 19th Century Japan, People Loved To See Cats Doing Human Things

These artworks were made by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861), one of the last great Japanese masters of the ukiyo-e style were really a novelty of its age. Kuniyoshi started to use cats instead of humans in satirical kabuki prints in the early 1840s. » 1/26/15 3:00pm 1/26/15 3:00pm

Cat Dressed As Princess Jasmine Riding Magic Carpet Is A Whole New World

Cat dressed up as Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet is winning Halloween, so far. We dare you to watch this adorable fur baby glide around on a magic Roomba carpet without screaming, "Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?" » 10/27/14 11:35am 10/27/14 11:35am

Cat Vs. Deer Run-In Translated By British Comic, We All Win

Popular internet animal video Cat Vs. Deer has been translated thanks to British comedian Chris Cohen. What follows is visual proof that every single animal video should—and must—be translated for our comical benefit. It's brilliant. » 9/02/14 4:40pm 9/02/14 4:40pm

What if your cat had Wolverine Claws?

What would happen if we had a superpowered kitty with the ability to shoot out claws like Wolverine? And then we drugged said kitty and laced its bones with adamantium? It would probably look a lot like this. » 2/17/14 5:00pm 2/17/14 5:00pm

Doctor Mew returns, with War Cat and Capaldi Cat

Artist Jenny Parks has graced us all with an updated version of Doctor Mew, initiating John Hurt and Peter Capaldi into her kitty take on Doctor Who. It's glorious. » 1/31/14 3:40pm 1/31/14 3:40pm


Throw away your crappy regular shaped couch, and get a CAT COUCH. Finally a cat creation that will cuddle you back for hours, before you finally crawl away in a puddle of your own tears. » 11/29/13 10:51am 11/29/13 10:51am

Oh My God someone made a plush "Mew-Mew" version of Thor's Hammer

One of the very best things about Kat Dennings' character (Darcy Lewis) in the Thor movies is how she pronounces Mjölnir. Instead of calling it by it's traditional Norse name she prefers to call it Mew-Mew. And some genius has created a "Mew-Mew Mjölnir." » 11/21/13 11:42am 11/21/13 11:42am

Avengers Cats are the Best Cats

The famous artist behind the Doctor Mew series, Jenny Parks, is back — with even more amazing geeky cat portraiture. Behold Cat Daryl Dixon, Catiel, and Avengers Cats! Plus one Winter is Coming Corgi, for dog lovers. » 5/10/13 3:05pm 5/10/13 3:05pm

Kittens Vs. Tiny Sock Stealing Ninjas!

In the battle between kittens and tiny sock stealing Ninjas we all come out winners. This music video "Wildstyle" by Savant uses the latest technology to what it would look like if tiny thieves were adorably batted to death by kittens. Death by cuteness! » 2/19/13 2:04pm 2/19/13 2:04pm

The "Hobbit Hole Litter Box" is even more beautiful than we imagined

Give your kitty the Shire-luxury it craves with a Hobbit hole litter box. Yes this is exactly what it sounds like. » 2/12/13 11:40am 2/12/13 11:40am

Student Robot Club builds wheelie legs for a disabled cat

Meet Flipper! Flipper was born with a twisted spine, meaning her back legs can't walk on the same plane as her front legs. And that, in turn, means she has to drag her hind quarters around whenever she wants to go somewhere. Cue the members of the Blitz Robotic Club at Conifer High School in Colorado. Together the… » 1/31/13 12:40pm 1/31/13 12:40pm

Animal-Shaped Armor for the Eternal Battle of Cats vs. Mice

Jeff de Boer's elaborate suits of armor imagine a fanciful world in which cats and mice have learned to smith metal and construct for themselves often ornate suits of armor. Through the years, he's expanded his visions of animal armor, creating armor inspired by Medieval times, Ancient Rome, the Renaissance Era, and… » 1/27/13 9:00am 1/27/13 9:00am

Behold the Cat Bomb, the 16th century's fuzziest weapon

This page from a 1584 treatise on explosive weaponry reveals two of the 16th century's more mobile methods of destruction: the cat bomb and the bird bomb, apparently used to set buildings on fire. BibliOdyssey has more fiery weapons from this manuscript, the rest of which are safer for friends of felines. » 1/26/13 7:30am 1/26/13 7:30am

Catzilla screams, change my litter box or death!

Check out this adorable little short Catzilla, created by Platige Image. It's half Kaiju, half internet cat video. And for the record, we would totally play Catzilla, the video game. Launch the catnip! Quick, someone create a giant, distracting cardboard box! » 1/02/13 4:30pm 1/02/13 4:30pm

AT-ST Cat Toy is perfect for Empire Kitties

Is your precious baby kitty a big fan of Star Wars and things they can drag their butt on? Then you must check out the All Terrain Scout Transport cat playhouse. Great for playing, napping and blowing rebel bases to smithereens. Hooray for the cat Walker. » 10/17/12 11:10am 10/17/12 11:10am