Your Liver, I Eats It With Fava Beans

Screw Iron Man 2. I'm so hyped up for Cats & Dogs 2 it's unreal. For starters these new posters are certifiably insane. Second, the head evil cat wears a puppy skin and is named Kitty Galore. Get it? » 5/06/10 3:57pm 5/06/10 3:57pm

Cats Vs. Dogs 2's Trailer Is Your Secret Shame

It's been nine long years, but Cat Vs. Dogs 2 is finally here. Bette Midler is an evil kitty, Chris O'Donnell plays a human named Shame, or Shane. Oh Chris, "I can haz a nu Career?" » 12/21/09 2:40pm 12/21/09 2:40pm