Surveillance Camera Software that Identifies and Catalogues Everybody's Race

A new piece of software available in England for CCTVs can identify the race of people passing its lens, and change the camera's behavior accordingly. Based on the race of the person being watched, the camera can choose to track the person or continue to randomly survey the area. The race-identifying software was… »7/15/08 1:00pm7/15/08 1:00pm

Habitrail-Style Office Tower to Dominate Beijing Skyline Later This Year

As part of Beijing's efforts to look good for the summer Olympics, its central TV station, CCTV, is getting brand new headquarters. It'll be the first of 300 buildings to be completed in the city's new Central Business District. The 5.9 million square foot building is actually a continuous loop of horizontal and… »2/18/08 11:20am2/18/08 11:20am