The CDC wants you to know that anal sex has gotten really popular among heterosexuals

The researchers at the United States Center for Disease Control track everything from possible pandemics to general health issues among Americans. And one of those "general health issues" turns out to be our sexual habits - for good reason, since this data can help epidemiologists track sexually transmitted diseases.… »1/05/12 9:20am1/05/12 9:20am

Should there be E. coli warnings on cookie dough packages?

Today I received the worst news a stay-at-home writer can get. There is a threat of Escherichia coli in our unbaked cookie dough. An investigation into a 2009 outbreak of E. coli turned up ready-to-bake cookie dough, eaten raw, as the culprit. And the CDC believes steps need to be taken to keep it from happening again. »12/09/11 3:30pm12/09/11 3:30pm

CDC Advisory Committee: All males starting at age 11 should receive the HPV vaccine

In the wake of some of the most unfortunate politicization (and misrepresentation) of science and medicine in recent memory, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee voted yesterday to recommend that boys and young men should be vaccinated against human papilloma virus (HPV). »10/26/11 2:10pm10/26/11 2:10pm

American Academy of Pediatrics: No, Michele Bachmann, the HPV vaccine cannot cause mental retardation

If you've been following the Republican campaign race, then you're already familiar with the ongoing fracas between Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry over the latter's 2007 HPV vaccine mandate; and that Bachmann suggested yesterday that the vaccine can cause mental retardation. »9/14/11 11:58am9/14/11 11:58am

New Study of the Bizarre Disease Where Wires Grow in Your Skin

You've probably heard about Morgellons, the bizarre disease where people start out by feeling itchy all over and then suddenly discover brightly-colored, tiny wires growing out of their skin. For years doctors have treated the ailment as a psychological condition because its symptoms match a well-known mental illness… »1/17/08 2:30pm1/17/08 2:30pm