10 Stories That Prove Cell Phones Are A Harbinger of Evil

I don't need to tell you that cell phones are evil. They play obnoxious ringtones, inspire people to yell loudly into bluetooth headsets on the bus — and they always lose signal when zombies are chasing you. Plus, they sometimes turn everyone into supersoldiers filled with bloodlust. And don't even get me started on… »2/23/12 2:08pm2/23/12 2:08pm

Good news, everyone: here's a study that says your phone isn't giving you brain cancer

It's being described as the largest study of cell phone use ever conducted. The investigation, led by the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen, followed upwards of 350,000 cell phone users for close to two decades. When all was said and done, the team found no link between mobile phone ownership and tumors… »10/21/11 6:30pm10/21/11 6:30pm