World Health Organization: Cell phones as big a risk as "lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform"

After a meeting with scientists from around the world, the World Health Organization announced this morning that it has now categorized cell phone radiation as a "possible carcinogenic hazard." This is a label that the WHO has also placed on lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform. The WHO says in a release that this… »5/31/11 2:39pm5/31/11 2:39pm

In the 1970s, You May Wear Your Phone - Thanks to Radiation! (1960)

All those vintage "How We'll Live In The Future" articles rarely mentioned anything that could be construed as a cell phone. Microwave ovens, yes; online shopping, yes—but not the now ubiquitous cell phone. This 1960 ad for Radiation, Incorporated (yes, they've changed their name since then) is an exception—and it… »5/05/08 4:20pm5/05/08 4:20pm