Fetuses can donate their stem cells to help heal their mothers' hearts

Researchers have known for some time that women who experience weakened heart function in the months before and after childbirth (a condition known as peripartum cardiomyopathy) recover more quickly than any other group of heart failure patients. Now, a team of researchers from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine thinks it… »11/22/11 5:20pm11/22/11 5:20pm

A newly-discovered class of cells could one day help repair spinal cord injuries

Injuries to parts of the nervous system — the spinal cord, for example — are among the most devastating that human beings can sustain. But the recent discovery of a new class of spinal cord cell could soon lead to novel therapies capable of regenerating parts of the central nervous system. »9/16/11 10:20am9/16/11 10:20am