Watch this incredible slow-motion video of an octopus lighting up its skin

The blue-ringed octopus is tiny, cute — and incredibly deadly. One bite from its beak could kill a human, and most sea creatures wouldn't fare much better. But the blue-ringed octopus shares a trait with poisonous butterflies. It has coloration that warns predators not to eat its deadly flesh. In the case of the… »10/17/12 6:30pm10/17/12 6:30pm

Lose yourself in the hypnotic dance of a squid's pulsing pigment cells

The color patterns on cephalopods are controlled in large part by chromatophores, pigment-filled cells controlled by the animal's muscles. Michael Bok, a graduate student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, filmed this video of a dead Longfin Inshore Squid (Loligo pealeii) still-active chromatophores… »7/08/12 4:00pm7/08/12 4:00pm