Watch a pair of cybernetic legs — that you control with your mind — in…

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, journalist Evan Ackerman became the first person stateside to test Cyberdyne's HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) suit. Watch him take a stroll in this amazing mind-controlled exoskeleton. » 1/09/11 8:45am 1/09/11 8:45am

Star Wars is Finally on F-ing Blu-ray

Star Wars! It's arguably the quintessential geek film series and inarguably deserving of the highest audiovisual quality humanly possible. The complete saga is coming to Blu-ray with over 30 hours of special features, and you can pre-order it right now. » 1/06/11 1:28pm 1/06/11 1:28pm