Mindblowing Concept Art from Mars Needs Moms: The lair of the mother-stealing Martians has never looked so dangerous

You might not have been paying attention to the animated movie of Berkeley Breathed's Mars Needs Moms — but this fiery, insane concept art may change your mind. Check out some more luscious concept art of the film's dangerous locations — and hope that they're not coming for your mom next. [via Stitch Kingdom] »2/16/11 5:51pm2/16/11 5:51pm

Gnomeo & Juliet clips recreate the infamous Shakespearean balcony scene — with garden gnomes

We thought we'd seen every weird and zany translation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet — but we were wrong. We give you the first ever clips from Gnomeo and Juliet, the story of two star-crossed CG animated garden gnomes. Our only question now is: How do two ceramic gnomes off themselves? »2/03/11 10:30am2/03/11 10:30am