A Day Of Remembrance For Lives Lost In the Pursuit Of Space

Today is Day of Remembrance for human spaceflight, a day selected for its proximity to horrific moments when we lost astronauts during our quest to explore our solar system. On January 28th, NASA takes the day to reflect on the lives lost during their missions when things went catastrophically, unexpectedly wrong. » 1/28/15 6:42pm 1/28/15 6:42pm

A Sober History of Shuttle Disasters is a Grim Reminder of the Dangers…

Space is beautiful, enchanting, awe-inspiring, and utterly unforgiving. We celebrate the victories, but don't let a string of successes deceive you into thinking spaceflight is easy. A new documentary investigates the major malfunctions, technical and procedural, that led to NASA space shuttle explosions. » 6/03/14 1:33am 6/03/14 1:33am

Your New Desktop Wallpaper: The First Spacewalk of the Shuttle Program

From the archives: On June 7th, 1983, Astronauts Story Musgrave (left) and Don Peterson orbit the Earth at over 17,000 miles per hour, tethered to the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle Challenger on the inaugural spacewalk of NASA's Space Shuttle program. How's that for breathtaking? » 4/16/14 6:30pm 4/16/14 6:30pm

In memory of the men and women who lost their lives in the quest for space exploration. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden participates in a wreath laying ceremony as part of NASA's Day of Remembrance, Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, at Arlington National Cemetery. » 2/01/14 7:00pm 2/01/14 7:00pm

Long-Forgotten Photographs Reveal Challenger Disaster As It Happened

Michael Hindes of West Springfield, MA, was sorting through boxes of his grandparents' old photographs when he happened upon 26 harrowing photos of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster of 1986. To his knowledge, these photos have never been publicly released. » 1/16/14 8:00am 1/16/14 8:00am

A touching animated tale of Challenger astronaut Ronald McNair's early…

In 1984, NASA physicist Ronald E. McNair became the second African-American man to fly in space. Tragically, McNair died just two years later in the Challenger disaster. With the help of StoryCorps, McNair's brother Carl pays tribute to McNair with this uplifting story of a young Ronald McNair trying to borrow books… » 2/02/13 10:00am 2/02/13 10:00am

History's most famous explosions, reproduced in cauliflower

The bombing of Nagasaki, the explosion of the Hindenburg, and the Challenger disaster have all been immortalized into smoke-filled photography. Artist Brock Davis has reproduced those iconic explosions in an unlikely medium: cauliflower. » 2/12/12 7:00am 2/12/12 7:00am

Extreme Skydiver to Plummet 25 Miles to Earth

In a little over two weeks, skydiving specialist Michel Fournier plans to break the world record for the highest skydive ever attempted. If all goes well, he will jump from a balloon at an altitude of around 131,000 feet, or 25 miles above Saskatchewan, Canada. At around 115,000 feet his body will blow through the… » 5/06/08 9:30am 5/06/08 9:30am