China's most popular science fiction is about a world ruled by China

In the West, you commonly hear science fiction authors claiming that it's impossible to write about the near future — the march of technology and the rise of new advances make predictions a futile endeavour. But Chinese science fiction has no such inhibition, according to a new article in the L.A. Times — and for the… »3/26/12 2:49pm3/26/12 2:49pm


Why China's most incendiary new political novel had to be science fiction

Chan Koonchung's dystopian novel The Fat Years has caused an uproar in China and been translated into many languages, including a U.S. edition. In The Fat Years, everybody in China forgets everything that happened during a six-month period, and meanwhile the country becomes more propsperous, based on denial and… »2/13/12 8:00pm2/13/12 8:00pm