Read A Lost Chapter From Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

"The Vanilla Fudge Room" appeared as the fifth chapter in early drafts of Roald Dahl's beloved novel, but was "deemed too wild, subversive and insufficiently moral" for publication. Now, to celebrate the book's 50th anniversary, the lost chapter can be read in its entirety over at The Guardian. » 8/31/14 7:43am 8/31/14 7:43am

New Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Cover Is Horrifying

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Penguin decided to create a new cover for the Roald Dahl work. What resulted was both confusing and terrifying. Run, kids, run. » 8/07/14 2:20pm 8/07/14 2:20pm

Prometheus Animatronic Artist's FX reel will haunt your dreams

Animatronics artist Gustav Hoeget has released his astounding robot reel, and jeebus there is some truly terrifying stuff on there. The squirrel, the chewing bison (or Minotaur) and that robot baby. Why didn't the other humans in the room light that baby on fire immediately? Hoeget has worked on Prometheus, Charlieā€¦ » 11/15/12 8:50am 11/15/12 8:50am