Gaze Upon The Fuzzy Scrawn Of An Elusive Baby Pigeon

City dwellers encounter pigeons every day. But have you noticed that you never see a baby? One big reason: they stay in the nest until they’re adult-sized, which is why pretty much the only people who see pigeon babies are those who raise them, or know somebody who does — like the person who snapped this pic. » 4/26/15 4:30pm 4/26/15 4:30pm

Baby Orangutan Munches Grass, Contemplates The Universe

Five-month-old Bornean orangutan Tuah peers out from the Great Ape Building at Utah's Hogle Zoo at his introduction to the the public last week. The little guy is thriving under the care of his older sister, who stepped up into a parenting role after his mother died three weeks after he was born in November. » 4/12/15 10:45am 4/12/15 10:45am

Stop What You're Doing And Watch This 11-Hour Video Of Puppies Sleeping 

Exactly what it says on the tin, folks: 11 hours and 1 minute of puppies sleeping. That's 39,660 perfect seconds of snoozing pups, complete with twitching, yawning, stretching, and paralyzingly adorable cooing noises. Isn't it time you indulged in some longform puppy footage? Haven't you earned it? » 4/03/15 2:06pm 4/03/15 2:06pm

After A Rough Start, Baby Rhino Is Now Winning At Life

Six-month-old one-horned rhino Jalada Prasad had a prance party in honor of his public debut Friday at Alipore Zoological Garden in Kolkata, India. Little dude had some rough early months after his mother was killed by poachers. But! He was rescued and nursed back to health, and now appears to be quite the peppy fella. » 3/29/15 4:30pm 3/29/15 4:30pm