This Timelapse Was Derailed By An Inquisitive Marmot

Everyone loves a good timelapse, but they don't always go as planned. While a Go-Pro camera was collecting footage for an environmental action video, a marmot popped up to investigate. Soon, majestic mountains, serene lakes, and fluttering clouds all made way a snuffling nose and lens-licking tongue. » 8/16/14 10:40am Saturday 10:40am

In Cutezilla, Your City Has Been Destroyed By Giant Adorable Animals

The film geeks over at Dissolve like to show off their wares by making awesome shorts with nothing but stock footage and some Photoshopperie. Such is the case with Cutezilla, which is possibly the greatest movie about giant puppies, squirrels and turtles ever made. It will definitely brighten your afternoon. » 6/17/14 12:48pm 6/17/14 12:48pm