Get enchanted with the sexiest witch pin-ups of all time! [NSFW]

Is there anything more glamorous and sexier than a woman with magical powers? Our new favorite blog is Sexy Witch, which posts images of enchantresses from the past 100 years. Check out some of our favorite witchy pin-ups below. » 9/08/10 11:30am 9/08/10 11:30am

Pinup art that kicks you in the teeth

We love cheesecake, but especially when it packs a bit of a kick. Aly Fell's pinup art includes robots, zombie-slayers, vampires, witches, demons and supervillains. And transdimensional dragon hunters! Check out a few of our favorites. » 6/25/10 4:00pm 6/25/10 4:00pm

Decorate Your Desktop with a Vulcan Pinup Hottie

Artist Jesus Diaz has whipped up a lovely little present for your eyes this Friday: A sexy pinup of a Vulcan babe who looks a lot like Bette Page. » 3/27/09 8:41am 3/27/09 8:41am

New Barbarella Already Has Her Spaceship

Stop listening to those rumors that Robert Rodriguez's Barbarella remake is failing to achieve escape velocity. Rose McGowan, who's set to step into Jane Fonda's go-go boots, says the movie is much further along than you realize. Not only is she signed up, but a lot of the pre-production work is done, including the… » 4/14/08 2:15pm 4/14/08 2:15pm

The Great Miss Universe Scandal of 2381

Behold Ed Emshwiller's magnificent cover for the February 1959 issue of Future Science Fiction. Yes, it gives away the ending of "You Do Something To Me," Calvin M. Knox's story of the "the white-skinned hideous horror from a distant world," but isn't it worth it? (Trivia moment: Calvin M. Knox is a pseudonym of… » 1/09/08 12:40pm 1/09/08 12:40pm

In the Faraway Tomorrow of 1975, All Women Will Be Babes

In 1955, Tempo magazine made some predictions for the faraway world of twenty years hence. Despite the mag's cheesecake cover (peek below fold for full effect), universal babedom was not among them, but here's a smattering of what "Your Life In 1975" did promise.
» 1/03/08 12:40pm 1/03/08 12:40pm

What did we really get in 1975? Gerry Ford, economic…