This dog and cheetah are best friends and it is the best thing

What's more fun than watching a cheetah romp around in freshly fallen snow? Watching a cheetah romp around in freshly fallen snow with her best friend WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE A DOG. Oh wow, am I seriously tearing up right now? » 12/13/13 12:45pm 12/13/13 12:45pm

Watch this now. We bet you've never seen a more stunning video of a…

This is the first ever high-definition, super-slow-motion video footage of sprinting cheetahs, which — I think we can all agree — are basically the reason high-frame-rate video cameras were invented. So stop it. Stop what you're doing and watch this. Because this is more important. » 11/27/12 1:28pm 11/27/12 1:28pm

DARPA just obliterated the landspeed record for the fastest mechanical…

You remember Cheetah, don't you? Back in March, DARPA released video of the robotic quadruped galloping at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour. At the time, 18 mph was a new record, outstripping the previous one by just shy of five miles per hour. » 9/07/12 9:15am 9/07/12 9:15am

The Failed Experiment That Shows Why Cheetahs are Twice as Fast as…

Cheetahs can run 60 miles per hour, at top speed. By comparison, greyhounds can only run about half as fast, despite having roughly the same size, weight, shape and running motion as cheetahs. Why are those cats so fast, and why are those dogs so slow? » 6/21/12 2:27pm 6/21/12 2:27pm

16-week-old cheetah cubs will turn your stone-cold heart to mush

Two cheetah cubs delivered by emergency cesarean section last month looked healthy and painfully cute last week when they were transported to Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian National Zoo. The pair will spend the summer being hand-raised by zoo staff, being bottle-fed every few hours in an effort to keep them in fine… » 5/24/12 9:10am 5/24/12 9:10am

The Pentagon's robotic cheetah is the fastest mechanical mammal ever…

18 miles an hour may not seem terribly fast, but that's the new land record for legged machines. This speed was clocked by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) robo-cheetah project, which is investigating technologies that allow machines to traverse terrain in new unique ways. Explains DARPA of… » 3/05/12 10:50am 3/05/12 10:50am

Incredible video of a cheetah hunting at top speed

This classic video of a cheetah hunting down gazelles is an edge-of-your-seat, intense story about the power that can be packed into a single tetrapod's body. And it even has an unexpected twist ending. » 1/20/11 5:49pm 1/20/11 5:49pm