A History Of The Most Impractical Weapons Ever Used In War

A lot of brainpower goes into designing weapons of war. Unfortunately, in a complicated situation, brainpower is a terrible substitute for testing. Here are some of the ingenious weapons of war that were great on paper and terrible in practice. » 2/16/15 1:20pm 2/16/15 1:20pm

Special Ops "Casting Call" Could Reveal US Military Plans

U.S. Special Operations Command has posted an ad that they're looking to hire 25 civilian actors to provide "role player support," pretending to be terrorists in a special Marine Corps training exercise. The job announcement inadvertently reveals some clues about national security. » 4/21/14 3:58pm 4/21/14 3:58pm

Why did 4,000 sheep die near the United States Dugway Proving Ground in…

A chemical weapon release is believed responsible for the deaths thousands of sheep near the massive Dugway Proving Ground, a military installation less than 100 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah. » 1/17/13 7:00am 1/17/13 7:00am

Watch a 1963 video of British soldiers conducting a military exercise…

Back during the Cold War, the military wanted to find out if LSD could be used to incapacitate enemy forces. So they administered the drug to unsuspecting British soldiers, and sent the squaddies off to perform their duties. This short video, which is as hilarious as it is disturbing, chronicles the British… » 7/04/12 8:30am 7/04/12 8:30am

During World War II, Japan plotted to unleash a plague on the United…

Japan's Unit 731 is one of the best kept and most horrifying secrets of World War II. Unit 731 experimented on Japanese and Chinese civilians as well as Russian and American POWs during the Second Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s and throughout World War II. » 5/10/12 7:00am 5/10/12 7:00am