Plant comes up with a new chemical weapon in the war against mice

Plants have it rough. In order to spread their seeds, they have to cater to the animals that eat them, and that means watching their offspring get eaten in the hopes that they'll be pooped out somewhere better. But when mice start thwarting the best-laid plans of vegetation, it's up to the plants to strike back — with… »6/15/12 4:43pm6/15/12 4:43pm


Fish in polluted waters have evolved into toxin-resistant super mutants

The Atlantic tomcod that live in the heavily polluted Hudson River have come up with an extreme solution to deal with all the toxins surrounding them: mutate, and mutate fast. But though their super-speedy adaptation has allowed them to survive over thirty years in the dirty rivers, it may have come at a terrible… »2/17/11 7:33pm2/17/11 7:33pm