In Syfy's Next Show, The U.S. Turns Greenland Into A Giant Prison

This is a fascinating — and super-topical — idea for a TV show. When the U.S. prison population gets too huge, we buy Greenland and turn it into a ginormous co-ed prison where people can supposedly win their freedom. That's the premise of 51st State, a show in development now for Syfy. » 1/12/15 6:00pm 1/12/15 6:00pm

Earth-stopping short film Noon will become a full-length feature

When we watched Kasra Farahani's short film Noon, about a tidally locked future Earth and a coyote who smuggles immigrants into the arctic city of perpetual daytime, we immediately wanted a feature-length version. Now, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that a big-screen version of Noon is in the works. » 2/02/13 11:00am 2/02/13 11:00am