That Time When People Thought Playing Chess Would Make You Violent

Although chess has been played for centuries, it wasn't until the 19th century that the game really took off in Europe and the U.S. Yet not everyone had a favorable view of this crazy new fad. Several critics decried chess as a source of intellectual laziness and anti-social behavior that could even provoke violence. »6/10/14 12:20pm6/10/14 12:20pm

Crowdfund comics about science and scientists, Ralph Bakshi shorts, and Space Invaders chess

If you love science—and laughing both at scientists and with them—there's a great new Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal looking for crowdfunding. Plus, animator Ralph Bakshi has a new independent animated project, a crew of laser cutters is building Space Invaders chess sets, and a puppeteer is working on an… »2/03/13 3:00pm2/03/13 3:00pm