How The Amount of Meat We Eat Changed In The Last 40 Years, Charted​

As a planet, we're producing and eating more meat than we used to. But just what does that look like in terms of our plates 40 years ago versus today? This chart shows us exactly. » 1/28/15 11:30am 1/28/15 11:30am

Why Washing Raw Chicken Could Be Hazardous To Your Health

Some two-fifths of people wash raw chicken in preparation for cooking. But health experts say the practice could cause more harm than good. » 6/16/14 3:20pm 6/16/14 3:20pm

Why are the only American meat options chicken, beef and pork?

The United States is a massive country, one filled with a variety of regional cuisines and a wide array of potentially edible animals. Why, then, does such a small selection of animals show up in grocery stores? » 2/18/14 11:07am 2/18/14 11:07am

Holy crap, this chicken laid the most ridiculous egg we've ever seen

Weighing in at just under half a pound, this may very well be one of the biggest chicken eggs ever laid — but wait til you see what's inside of it. That's all we're going to tell you. Seriously. Just watch. We don't want to ruin the surprise. » 1/21/13 2:09pm 1/21/13 2:09pm

This four-legged Chinese chicken = the real face-hugger from Alien

Goodness, this is difficult to look at. Last week, a shopper in the Chinese city of Changsha bought this frozen chicken from the supermarket, only to discover that the skinless fowl possessed four delightfully mutated legs. According to a university professor consulted by the website China Buzz, the chicken is… » 3/23/12 10:25am 3/23/12 10:25am

And now, a chicken grown in a Petri dish

A fertilized, incubated chicken egg takes about 21 days to hatch; and while most of us have seen what chicks look like at either end of the developmental spectrum (either sunny-side-up in a frying pan or newly hatched in a nature documentary), the fact that egg shells aren't see-through means that not many people have… » 1/12/12 9:15am 1/12/12 9:15am

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sex in the Animal Kingdom

Sex is probably the most popular pastime in the history of life on Earth — which makes it all the more ridiculous that so many of us have such a mealy-mouthed way of talking about it. Take the expression "the birds and the bees," which we use to avoid speaking more explicitly about courtship and sex to our kids. » 11/14/11 10:17am 11/14/11 10:17am

Female chickens have the weirdest birth control method ever

Female chickens are among the most promiscuous members of the animal kingdom, with wild and domestic fowl alike tending to mate with way more males than necessary to fertilize their eggs. » 8/26/11 8:00am 8/26/11 8:00am

Paleontologist explains how to make dinosaurs from chickens

Paleontologist Jack Horner is like a lot of us: as a child, he wanted a pet dinosaur — a dream he's working to make reality. In a recent TED talk, Horner explained why the Chickensaurus is dinosaur's best hope. » 6/08/11 12:00pm 6/08/11 12:00pm

How Gertie the chicken mysteriously switched genders

Late last year, a British hen named Gertie stopped laying eggs. She then started crowing like a rooster, and suddenly her entire appearance seemed to morph into a male. So just what is going on here? » 4/24/11 7:00am 4/24/11 7:00am

When oil runs out, chicken feathers will be the new plastic

We usually think of fossil fuels as an energy source, but petroleum is also the raw materials used in all the world's plastics. Now leftover chicken feathers could allow us to keep using plastics in a world after oil. » 4/03/11 9:30am 4/03/11 9:30am

How many groups reached the Americas before Christopher Columbus?

In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in what is now the Bahamas, changing the world forever. But was he first non-indigenous person to reach the Americas? Vikings got there before him, and possibly Polynesians too...and those are just the sane theories. » 3/30/11 9:22am 3/30/11 9:22am

Meet the weird bird that's half-chicken, half-turkey

This is the Transylvanian naked neck chicken, popularly known as the "churkey" because it appears to have the body of a chicken and the head of a turkey. And this mysterious mutation could actually help feed the world. » 3/16/11 1:49pm 3/16/11 1:49pm

The strange story of headless body that survived for a year and a half

We've all heard of freshly beheaded chickens running around with their heads cut off. But an actual headless chicken couldn't maintain a balanced run for more than a second or two, right? Wrong. One chicken managed to make more than just a few twitching movements. It lived long enough to acquire a name, a stage… » 2/08/11 6:30am 2/08/11 6:30am

A Very Special Scifi Holiday Collection

The best part about the holidays, besides all the drinking and the crying, is the holiday specials, where everyone's favorite show gets jazzed up with cheer. Here are clips from some of our favorites.
» 12/16/08 5:00pm 12/16/08 5:00pm

First Look At Robot Chicken's Star Wars Extravaganza

This week marks the debut of Seth Green's latest Robot Chicken Star Wars » 11/10/08 9:00am 11/10/08 9:00am special, and we've got the first laugh-out-loud clip from it. Also, there's a sweeps-month shock on , Woolsey's up for his performance evaluation and it's up to the crew to save his job, Lafayette gets political and is back. Riley and John…