This four-legged Chinese chicken = the real face-hugger from Alien

Goodness, this is difficult to look at. Last week, a shopper in the Chinese city of Changsha bought this frozen chicken from the supermarket, only to discover that the skinless fowl possessed four delightfully mutated legs. According to a university professor consulted by the website China Buzz, the chicken is… »3/23/12 1:25pm3/23/12 1:25pm

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sex in the Animal Kingdom

Sex is probably the most popular pastime in the history of life on Earth — which makes it all the more ridiculous that so many of us have such a mealy-mouthed way of talking about it. Take the expression "the birds and the bees," which we use to avoid speaking more explicitly about courtship and sex to our kids. »11/14/11 1:17pm11/14/11 1:17pm

The strange story of headless body that survived for a year and a half

We've all heard of freshly beheaded chickens running around with their heads cut off. But an actual headless chicken couldn't maintain a balanced run for more than a second or two, right? Wrong. One chicken managed to make more than just a few twitching movements. It lived long enough to acquire a name, a stage… »2/08/11 9:30am2/08/11 9:30am