How to raise cloned children without totally screwing them up

We've been thoroughly enjoying Orphan Black, BBC America's show about a young woman who discovers, to her shock, that she's a clone. But what if, instead of being an orphan with no knowledge of her genetic heritage, Sarah was raised by loving parents? How might they try to ensure she grew up to be a happy and fully… »4/21/13 10:00am4/21/13 10:00am

Watchmen Parody Sends Rorschach Through the Underworld of Children’s Lit

Someone stole Rorschach’s plums and he isn’t happy. “Blotchmen,” a short comic created by artist Kevin Cannon, skewers Watchmen »10/29/08 5:14pm10/29/08 5:14pm’s psychotic masked man by putting him exactly where he doesn’t belong: in a children’s book. Rorschach tracks his missing fruit through and , leaving death and mayhem in his wake.Cannon…