The full short for Blinky™ (the bloodthirsty pet robot) has been…

We've been anticipating Ruairi Robinson's evil robot short Blinky™ for years! Wait no more, the full short's out for public consumption! Watch it now, and don't worry — your kids are perfectly safe! Plus a musical short with Doug Jones! » 3/20/11 6:30pm 3/20/11 6:30pm

Gooey bio-slime breasts and one vengeful GPS

Snot fetishists, your day has come! This week in cult check out the very naked (and very slimy) trailer for Contagion, a glimpse at the Makoto Shinkai's new anime movie, and Tom Holland's (Fright Night, Thinner) latest project. » 11/14/10 9:16pm 11/14/10 9:16pm