The Chilean Earthquakes Might Be Just The Beginning

GFZ animated the recent Chilean megaquake and aftershocks sequence. It looks like despite releasing a lot of energy, the earthquakes have not closed the seismic gap. That means the built-up stress wasn't sufficiently released to significantly reduce the seismic hazard in the future. » 4/08/14 4:44pm 4/08/14 4:44pm

How did Pablo Neruda really die? Forensic science weighs in.

Almost 40 years ago, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda died. Whether the Nobel prizewinner’s death was from prostate cancer (the official diagnosis) or poisoning has been a longstanding mystery. But earlier this week, Neruda's body was removed from its tomb, launching a forensic investigation that could establish once and for… » 4/11/13 6:40am 4/11/13 6:40am

The Milky Way, as seen from a Chilean petroglyph valley

Photographer Stéphane Guisard — whose photography of Chile's Atacama desert we've featured previously (1, 2) has captured some gee-whiz time-lapse shots of the Milky Way framed by the Hierbas Buenas petroglyph site. This site features carvings that predate the Incas — it's a thrilling juxtaposition of the ancient… » 12/11/11 7:40am 12/11/11 7:40am

What are the fossilized remains of more than 80 whales doing in the…

Situated more than half a mile from the ocean, atop a hill in Chile's notoriously arid Atacama desert, an international team of scientists has made an incredible discovery. Over 80 extraordinarily well-preserved whale and marine mammal fossils, many of them positioned just meters apart from one another, have been… » 11/22/11 8:15am 11/22/11 8:15am

Supermassive Telescope Hears What the Early Universe Looks Like

Yeah, you read that headline right. This supermassive radio telescope, set to be completed in Chile in 2012 (you're seeing an artist's rendering), listens to frequencies between the infrared and radio spectrum. It tunes in particles that will give astronomers an unprecedented portrait of the early universe, as well… » 2/25/08 7:00am 2/25/08 7:00am