How the Chile earthquake created miles of new, "uplifted" coastline

Earlier this year, the 8.8 quake that hit Chile did more than level homes. It raised the ocean floor so much that undersea regions broke the surface of the water. Here are pictures of Chile's incredible new coastline. » 8/03/10 11:38am 8/03/10 11:38am

People In Chile Report UFOs, Lights Emerging From The Ocean Before The…

A few weeks ago, Chile was hit was one of the most powerful earthquakes on record. Now citizens of the region are coming forward with stories of UFOs on the night of the quake. Did aliens make the earth move? » 3/22/10 8:20am 3/22/10 8:20am

Why The Chile Earthquake Deformed The Earth And Shortened Our Days

The devastating 8.8 quake that hit Chile last week was a rare "megathrust" earthquake, among the most powerful known, and it affected the very shape of the planet. How did it do that, and will you notice the difference? » 3/03/10 3:45pm 3/03/10 3:45pm