China's Terracotta Army Will Make an Appearance in Indianapolis

Since 1974, some 8,000 life-sized terracotta warriors have been discovered guarding the tomb of the First Emperor of China. Beginning May 10th, more than 100 artifacts from the army will be displayed at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the only stateside appearance of the warriors in 2014. » 4/17/14 9:45am Today 9:45am

Stephen Chow goes on a predictably insane Journey to the West

Although Journey to the West is possibly the best-known, most important story in Chinese literature, it's been open to some seriously broad interpretations over the years. Stephen Chow's version, subtitled Conquering the Demons, is probably the loosest one yet, but thanks to Chow's epic, cartoony action set-pieces and… » 3/07/14 12:00pm 3/07/14 12:00pm

The U.S. is helping China's smog reach all the way back to America

China may be the world's leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, but newly published findings show that much of the country's pollution is generated by the manufacture of goods for other nations, including the U.S. The irony: Pollution wafting overseas from China has a sizable impact on air quality along… » 1/23/14 9:30am 1/23/14 9:30am

This interactive panorama is the best way to explore the lunar surface

Zoom, tilt, pan and scan in this breathtaking interactive view of the moon's surface and beyond (check out that view of Earth!). Assembled from images acquired by China's recently arrived Chang'e 3 lunar lander, it's the next best thing to being there. » 1/22/14 7:00am 1/22/14 7:00am

Behold the gorgeous, batsh*t insanity of the new Monkey King trailer

There's no way to adequately describe this new trailer for Donnie Yen's The Monkey King, so you're just going to have to watch it. Just don't confuse it with Stephen Chow's goofier cinematic take on the Chinese legend, Journey to the West. Because when it saw this Monkey King trailer, it curled up into a fetal… » 1/03/14 7:40am 1/03/14 7:40am

Chinese rover diorama shows Europe being nuked

China deserves all the congratulations in the world for landing its first spacecraft on the Moon. It's a big deal – both for China and humanity at large. But can somebody please explain why the background image at this exhibit for China's recently deployed Yutu Rover depicts a massive mushroom cloud over Europe? » 12/17/13 9:34am 12/17/13 9:34am

Why China's lunar landing could mean more satellite launches

China's first lunar-landing over the weekend brings the total number of nations to achieve a soft-landing on the moon up to three — but it could also mean a jump in the number of the number of satellites (both media and military) circling overhead. » 12/16/13 4:40pm 12/16/13 4:40pm

China's Rover Has Reportedly Landed On the Moon

China's state-run television network is reporting that the unmanned Yutu lunar rover has successfully soft-landed on the moon. The rover, which touched down a few minutes after 9PM Saturday night Beijing time, is the first object to be successfully soft-landed on the moon since 1976. » 12/14/13 1:29pm 12/14/13 1:29pm

China's Chang'e-3 rocket launch is one of the sexiest you'll ever see

The Chinese National Space Administration has successfully launched its Chang'e-3 lunar probe to the moon. If all goes well from here, it'll be the first Chinese spacecraft to land on an extraterrestrial body — and the first rover to land on the moon in four decades. » 12/02/13 7:40am 12/02/13 7:40am