The Freakiest Thing Julianne Moore Does in the Carrie Remake

You think you know what to expect from the remake of Carrie, coming out Friday. After all, this story has been told many times. But this new version includes smartphones and social media — and Julianne Moore takes Carrie's mom to way darker places. We talked to director Kimberly Peirce about making a 21st century … »10/16/13 1:23pm10/16/13 1:23pm

First images from the new Carrie show off the big bloody money shot

Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore are combining their considerable powers for the remake of Stephen King's Carrie. Moretz has a pretty big pink prom dress she'll be needing to fill out, because Sissy Spacek was masterful as her role as the first scared, meek and eventually murderous telekinetic darling. »8/23/12 3:26pm8/23/12 3:26pm