All The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in August

Emily Dickinson had it wrong: There is no star cruiser like a book. When you want to journey past the furthermost limits of your own imagination, you turn to books. And August's new book releases are just packed with brilliant new ideas and thrilling stories, from some of the world's best writers. »8/03/12 7:29pm8/03/12 7:29pm


Judges "Didn't Know They Were Science Fiction Fans" Until They Gave A Prize To SF Book

Congratulations to Chris Beckett, whose story collection The Turing Test has won the prestigious Edge Hill Prize, plus £5,000 and a specially commissioned painting by artist Pete Clarke. The win is especially notable since Beckett's book came out on a small press, which has since gone out of business, and he was up… »7/06/09 7:30pm7/06/09 7:30pm