David Duchovny Got Us Up to Speed on the New X-Files Series

It’s been seven years since we last saw live-action Mulder and Scully, and 13 years since The X-Files was on TV. So of course the question we have to ask is what about that gap makes the new X-Files better than the old. We spoke to David Duchovny, Chris Carter, Mitch Pileggi, and Kumail Nanjiani about just that. »10/13/15 3:40pm10/13/15 3:40pm


Now that everybody's already copied The X-Files, is Chris Carter creating a copy of a copy?

It's hard to imagine what television would look like without The X-Files to borrow from. Tons and tons of television shows have lifted pieces of the classic show's format, about FBI agents and mysterious, sinister events. So it's kind of sad to see that Chris Carter is creating a new show that, at first blush, sounds… »10/07/12 11:30am10/07/12 11:30am

X-Files Movie Proves Some Things Are Better Left Buried, Say Critics

The first early reviews of the new X-Files movie have shown up online... and they're not encouraging. Phrases like "Where's the action?" and "nothing more than an extended episode of the TV series" are being bandied about. But the truly horrifying part is the explanation of Billy Connolly's weird character — the one… »7/21/08 4:47pm7/21/08 4:47pm

Chris Carter Says 9/11 Killed X-Files, But America is Ready for It Again

We just got treated to a very brief clip from the new X-Files movie trailer, featuring a group of mysterious FBI types marching across the icy antarctic snows, with Billy Connolly as a mad grayhair in the lead, crying out, "We've found it!" Cut to lightning fast clips of a body being dragged over ice, Scully looking… »2/23/08 9:24pm2/23/08 9:24pm