Chris Foss Designed Totally Thrilling Rocket Sled Art For Flash Gordon

The 1980 Flash Gordon movie was a completely berserk masterpiece of weird visuals and over-the-top insanity. But it could have featured even more striking designs in one area: master designer Chris Foss (Alien, A.I., Jodorowsky's Dune) created designs for the Hawkmen's rocket sled that Flash rides, which weren't used. »9/22/14 1:47pm9/22/14 1:47pm


Which classic science fiction novel still holds up today?

Sometimes you revisit a classic science fiction book that rocked your world years ago... and the letdown is like falling off a space elevator. Some beloved books just don't hold up. But sometimes? You read an old favorite, and it's even better than you remember. Which novels are just as great today as when they were… »5/29/13 5:16pm5/29/13 5:16pm

The psychedelic realism of Chris Foss' alternate worlds

Concept artist Chris Foss has been creating iconic science fiction book covers for decades, bringing unforgettable visuals to the tales of Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, and JG Ballard. He also worked on art for a crazy Dune movie in the 1970s that never got made. And now he's released a gorgeous art book of his work.… »9/01/11 11:00am9/01/11 11:00am