The Men Behind The Lego Movie Are Bringing A Crazy-Sounding Animated Series To Fox

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have had an awful lot on their plates following the runaway success of The Lego Movie. There’s Last Man on Earth, the Star Wars Han Solo spinoff, an animated Spider-Man movie, and the time-travel drama In Time—but now they’re adding a animation/live-action hybrid to it all too. »11/10/15 3:30pm11/10/15 3:30pm


Chris Miller And Phil Lord Discuss Last Man On Earth's Inevitable Incest

The Last Man on Earth launched this week, sparking a national discussion on the psychological link between isolationism and self-destruction, along with toilet pools and incest. We took our questions straight to series producers and directors (the Lego Movie guys), Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Spoilers ahead... »3/05/15 11:20am3/05/15 11:20am