Rob Liefield Is Returning To Deadpool With A New Graphic Novel

If there’s any character that sums up the extreme extravagance of Rob Liefield’s über-90s art style, it was his most famous creation: Deadpool. Bulging muscles, an amusingly fantastical grasp of anatomy, and enough pockets to hold the universe. But now the artist is returning to the merc’ with a mouth once more! »11/11/15 4:20pm11/11/15 4:20pm


What Would The Ultimate Nerd Wish-Fulfillment Look Like?

Click to viewMovies just aren't doing a good enough job of pandering to our escapist wet dreams. A nerdy guy who turns into a green destructo-ape when you fuck with him? An MIT engineer who builds the ultimate super-armor? A clerk who turns super-killer? Bah! Hollywood could do a much, much better job than that of… »7/02/08 1:01pm7/02/08 1:01pm