The Power of Few trailer feels like Snatch starring Jesus' Clone

Stop what you're doing and watch the trailer for The Power of Few. It's part heist film, and part weird science Jesus cloning experiment. We are so into the lunacy streaming out of this wackadoo film. The Power of Few stars Christian Slater, Anthony Anderson and Hollywood's favorite grandpa Christopher Walken. Watch… »1/11/13 5:18pm1/11/13 5:18pm

My Own Worst Enemy Canned — Christian Slater Now Free To Make "Alone In The Dark 3"

Poor Christian Slater, just when we were applauding his gainful employment on My Own Worst Enemy »11/13/08 12:30pm11/13/08 12:30pm NBC has pulled the plug on his split personality show. No more shall we watch the character switcheroo from Henry to Edward, but more importantly now we'll never know who killed his parents. Sources have told the trades…

Christian Slater's Split Personalities Have Different Erotic Needs

What the family man wants, the family man gets. What the family man's alter ego wants, he gets from the family man's wife at night. My Own Worst Enemy »10/21/08 11:00am10/21/08 11:00am's Henry Spivey has no idea why his wife is suddenly sexually pleased by him, and this confusion affects his job performance and his financial acumen. Can the second…