Oh, Canada: The CBC Wanted to Dub Over the 9th Doctor's Voice

Apparently Blogtor Who got an advanced copy of a documentary that looks at the "wilderness years" of Doctor Who. The program shows the span of time between Who's cancellation and the lead up to its 2005 re-launch and contains some interesting details about the early planning stages and the attempt to sell Who overseas. »8/11/13 10:23am8/11/13 10:23am

First Glimpse of the Smackdown between the Ninth Doctor and Thor

Videos from the set of Thor: The Dark World show off the very first glimpse of Christopher Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed, this movie's big bad. Apparently he's gearing up to fight Thor, and you can see Chris Hemsworth milling around in the third video below. In the second Thor film, the blonde-haired God has to… »11/15/12 2:30pm11/15/12 2:30pm