Mission Impossible 5 Will Restore Your Faith In Tentpole Action Movies

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation starts off on another level. Literally. In the first scene of the film, Tom Cruise runs from the ground and flies through the sky on the side of an airplane. It’s the film’s way of screaming at the audience, “You are in for a fucking crazy ride.” And then, it delivers. »7/31/15 11:21am7/31/15 11:21am

Brit Superhero Show Could Be A Movie Trilogy — Or More

Guillermo Del Toro's movie of classic British series The Champions »11/18/08 1:01pm11/18/08 1:01pm may be kicking into high gear. United Artists has hired writer Christopher McQuarrie to co-write the script, about a group of Brits who discover a lost civilization and get amazing superpowers. (Del Toro may or may not direct.) And UA is hoping will…