Man of Steel: Worth It Just For The Super-Powered Combat

There's really only one reason to see the new Superman movie: to watch people with superhuman powers pounding the crap out of each other, flying into each other and burninating each other with heat vision. Luckily, The Man of Steel more than delivers on the super-punching front, even as it muddles through in other… »6/14/13 12:00pm6/14/13 12:00pm


SVU's Christopher Meloni to appear on True Blood? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

Move over Flopsy (Vampire Bill), Mopsy (Vampire Eric), and Cottontail (Jason Stackhouse)! The real deal is (rumored) to be coming to True Blood. That's right folks, the man who invented the steely-eyed-furrowed-brow-head-tilt and is filled with so much testosterone he can impregnate ladies with a gaze is ready to… »11/30/11 10:55am11/30/11 10:55am