10 Silliest Rules of Time Travel from Science Fiction

Time travel stories are some of the coolest tales in the universe. But sometimes, when you're lost in the time-space continuum, things can get pretty crazy. Time-lag, paradox overload, etc. So you gotta have rules to make sense of the vortex. Here are the 10 silliest rules for time travel that people have come up with. » 10/02/13 9:00am 10/02/13 9:00am

Doctor Who invades the classic RPG Chrono Trigger

Being the biased Super Nintendo owner that I am, I'm of the mind that the time-traveling RPG Chrono Trigger is probably the most unimpeachably perfect video game of all time (tied with Super Metroid, of course). So it leaves me absolutely tickled that the folks at Dorkly have decided to cater to my nostalgia and… » 11/20/11 7:50am 11/20/11 7:50am