Chuck vs. The Third Season

Fans who saved Chuck for another season are now wondering what lies ahead for the denizens of the Buy More. Tight-lipped producers are hinting at revealing some secrets at San Diego Comic-Con, but here's what we want to hear. » 7/11/09 2:00pm 7/11/09 2:00pm

New Chuck Not So New After All, Sadly

You don't have to wait until next Monday to see the second season premiere of NBC's spy-computer-brain comedy Chuck » 9/24/08 6:30am 9/24/08 6:30am; it's already online, so that your long, hard summer of Buy More drought can end earlier than expected. But how do they get out of last season's cliffhanger, where Chuck was marked for death at Casey's…

Chuck's Parents: Jack Bauer and Ninjas

It was a marriage of kitchen sink drama frustration and a healthy fear of Jack Bauer that ultimately resulted in the birth of NBC's almost-SF ("He has a computer... in his brain!") Chuck, according to the show's creators at the 2008 Paley Convention. On a panel moderated by Lost's Carlton Cuse, the show's writers and… » 3/20/08 8:00am 3/20/08 8:00am