Your Monday Comic Preview Doubleheader: G.I. Joe and Ghostbusters

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, here are exclusive sneak peeks at this week's issues of the Snake Eyes and Ghostbusters ongoing series. The former has ninja battling out the wazoo, whereas the latter sees Peter Venkman laughing off a supernatural possession. Both issues are in stores Wednesday, March 21, and you can find… » 3/19/12 3:40pm 3/19/12 3:40pm

Remember when Nikola Tesla teamed up with Optimus Prime to battle Lovecraftian Decepticons?

Remember those curious Cthulhu Transformers? Courtesy of IDW Publishing, here's a sneak peek at the second issue of the Infestation 2: Transformers miniseries, which features more tentacled robots and Optimus Prime meeting Tesla. Edison was hanging out with the Gobots, presumably. This issue hits stores Wednesday,… » 2/13/12 11:35am 2/13/12 11:35am

In the latest G.I. Joe comic, Snake Eyes goes to war with a zillion ninjas

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, here's an exclusive seven-page preview of the next issue of the Snake Eyes ongoing series. This issue — which hits stores next Wednesday, February 8 — features such Joe characters as Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Iceberg, Helix, and more ninjas than you can shake a bō staff at. Here's the plot… » 2/03/12 1:20pm 2/03/12 1:20pm

Read a seven-page preview of the newest comic book starring Snake Eyes, G.I. Joe's resident ninja

IDW Publishing has given us an exclusive sneak peek at the latest issue of their G.I Joe comic series Snake Eyes. In this issue, Snake Eyes utilizes his ninja training to kick some Cobra tail. I really want to attend the dojo that teaches you how to use a rocket launcher. » 9/26/11 8:45am 9/26/11 8:45am