Chuck Versus the Putting it All Together

The season finale of Chuck reminded us why we loved this show in the first place: villainous cackles, fisticuffs, and a nougatty emotional center. » 5/25/10 2:00pm 5/25/10 2:00pm

Chuck Versus the Idiot Ball

The penultimate episode of the third season brings lots of revelation, awesomeness, evil portent, and Yvonne Strahovski in tanktops. Too bad it came wrapped in a Chuck's-a-moron shell. » 5/18/10 2:00pm 5/18/10 2:00pm

Chuck versus Doc Brown and the Cuckoo’s Nest

Love, and a faulty Intersect, might be driving Chuck crazy — crazy enough to get him locked up in the psych ward. Meanwhile, Ellie's getting wooed by the Ring and Morgan's getting his groove back. » 5/11/10 2:00pm 5/11/10 2:00pm

Chuck Versus the Taking Things For Granted

The newly committed Chuck and Sarah couple meet the CIA's most successful married spies: Fred Willard and Swoozie Kurtz. Oh, and there's a tiger, the Awesomes' African adventure, and Morgan posting up on Big Mike. » 5/04/10 12:40pm 5/04/10 12:40pm

Chuck vs. the Everything He Ever Wanted

Chuck and Sarah are finally together, romancing their way across Europe. But is the spy life the life they truly want, or is it time for them to leave it all behind for love? Not if evil can help it. » 4/27/10 10:30am 4/27/10 10:30am

Chuck Vs. the Repetitive, Gooey Declarations of Love

With the life of a spy well within his grasp, Chuck risks it all for the love of a good woman who's taken up with another man. Who might want to kill that good woman. Oops. » 3/30/10 12:02pm 3/30/10 12:02pm

Chuck Vs. Don't Take The Blue-And-White Pill!

Last week's Chuck may have brought a long-awaited (and long-overdue) revelation, but last night's episode went one further with a couple of moments that no-one could've seen coming... including the characters themselves. Go Team Status Quo Change! Spoilers ahead. » 3/16/10 12:10pm 3/16/10 12:10pm

Chuck Vs. The Well-Earned Reveal

Last night's Chuck finally gave us something we'd been wanting since day one - and made it seem worth the wait. Also, the Ring showed that maybe they're not completely inept before reassuring us that, yeah, they actually are. Spoilers! » 3/09/10 11:30am 3/09/10 11:30am

Chuck Vs. The Sense Of Apathetic Repetition

Last night's return of Chuck brought a couple of the season's themes to the forefront, but not in the most believable way possible... And will Kristin Kreuk finally realize that falling for leading men is never a good idea? » 3/02/10 3:00pm 3/02/10 3:00pm

Chuck Vs. The Easy Way Out

Well, if last week's Chuck clearly marked the darker direction for the rest of the season, last night's episode apparently didn't get the memo. Paranoia subplot: Over after going nowhere! Chuck selfloathing: Over after going nowhere! Spoilers and WTFs ahead. » 2/09/10 3:00pm 2/09/10 3:00pm

Chuck Versus The Spy Game

Last night's Chuck was, if not a game-changer, then at least a game-clarifier. Now we know exactly what this season is about, and it's something that may make a lot of the good guys into the bad guys. Spoilers! » 2/02/10 11:30am 2/02/10 11:30am

Chuck Versus The Deja Vu

This week's Chuck proved three things: That Kristin Kreuk isn't as bad an actress as she was on Smallville, that Chuck's apparently got the intersect thing under control, and that everyone at the BuyMore have astonishingly short memories. Spoilers! » 1/26/10 12:04pm 1/26/10 12:04pm

Chuck Versus The Disappointing Second Week

Last night's Chuck taught us some important lessons about modern terrorism: That they have operate in decentralized cells and don't share information, that they have awesome phones, and that they're apparently very easy to fool. Spoilers! » 1/19/10 2:30pm 1/19/10 2:30pm

Chuck Vs. The Welcome Return

Chuck should be threatened with cancellation more often. The first three episodes of the NBC spy comedy's third season have been some of the best to date, rebooting the show and bringing it into sharper focus than ever before. Spoilers! » 1/12/10 10:56am 1/12/10 10:56am

Chuck Vs. The Series Reboot

Is it wrong of me to feel disappointed by last night's Chuck season finale? After last week's episode of change, last night felt as much like a step backwards as a whole new world. Spoilers! » 4/28/09 11:10am 4/28/09 11:10am

Chuck Vs. The Perfect Ending

Who knew that a midnight screening of Tron would turn out to be so important? This week's Chuck eagerly dumped the status quo and was all the better for doing so... Spoilers, of course. » 4/21/09 3:30pm 4/21/09 3:30pm

Chuck Versus The Early Gamechanger

Is Chuck really about to throw away its entire premise before the end of its second season? Last night's episode offered a potentially gamechanging ending that was almost worth Jordana Brewster's return. Spoilers! » 4/14/09 1:34pm 4/14/09 1:34pm

Chuck Vs. The Big Name Guest Stars

Steve Jobs is trying to undermine our American way of life. Or, at least, I think that's what last night's Chuck was trying to tell us. Oh, and Chuck's dad is a time-traveling Enterprise captain. » 4/07/09 12:30pm 4/07/09 12:30pm

The Only Part Of Last Night's Chuck You Wanted To See Again

Last night's Chuck offered up Tricia Helfer as a policewoman stripper, and a cliffhanger that was immediately ruined by the trailer for next week's episode. I'm guessing you'll only want to see one of those. » 3/31/09 11:49am 3/31/09 11:49am