How the Citadel director's real-life agoraphobia turned into a horror movie

The Citadel director Ciaran Foy was attacked by a pack of 14-year-old kids and beaten with a hammer. Afterwards Foy found it difficult to leave his own home. He couldn't even get past his own front door. Years later, Foy has turned the crime into a pretty kickass horror movie about packs of crazed feral teens who… »11/08/12 6:01pm11/08/12 6:01pm


How One Man Turned His Real-Life Mugging into a Creepy Horror Movie

After getting attacked by a gang of kids, director Ciaran Foy used images and inspirations from his own experience and turned it into a horror movie about a pack of feral mutant teens. Titled Citadel, the movie follows an agoraphobic main character, who's still trying to get over his first encounter with the… »10/22/12 4:13pm10/22/12 4:13pm