Meet The New Face Of Marlboro: Jeff The Diseased Lung In A Cowboy Hat

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver reports on Philip Morris International's unsavory habit of suing countries over laws requiring health warnings on cigarette packaging, while proposing a compromise that preserves Big Tobacco's marketing goals while protecting public health: Meet Jeff, the Diseased Lung In A Cowboy Hat. » 2/16/15 12:50pm 2/16/15 12:50pm

Vintage Cigarette Boxes Feature Designs From The Soviet Space Program

In earlier decades, when someone reached for a smoke, they might shake out a cigarette from a box featuring the cosmonaut dog Laika, Sputnik, or the Soyuz. These largely Russian cigarette packages are a retro look at a time when even a quick hit of nicotine would remind us of our spacefaring dreams. » 9/29/14 3:01pm 9/29/14 3:01pm

U.S. Remains Key Growth Market for Cigarettes, Despite Graphs Like This

A graph released earlier this year by the Surgeon General reflects the dramatic and ongoing 50-year decline in American cigarette consumption. And yet, a chief executive for Imperial Tobacco group recently called the U.S. "a key growth market." How is this possible? » 7/16/14 3:40pm 7/16/14 3:40pm

Low-income countries are a cigarette's best friend

Between 1990 and 2009, cigarette consumption in regions of the world like Western Europe dropped by more than 25%. But according to the American Cancer Society's newly released Tobacco Atlas, these numbers tell just a fraction of a much larger story. » 4/06/12 7:30am 4/06/12 7:30am

This is what your brain on drugs really looks like

Scientists this week published a study that reveals what the human brain looks like under the influence of psilocybin, the hallucinogenic chemical found in magic mushrooms. » 1/25/12 9:05am 1/25/12 9:05am

Nicotine patches won't help you quit, but they might save your brains

People attempting the arduous task of quitting smoking often turn to "nicotine replacement therapies" like patches and gum. These help with the physical aspect of withdrawal and the whole "quitting the actual smoking" part. Well, that's the theory anyway. According to a new study published in the journal Tobacco… » 1/13/12 8:45am 1/13/12 8:45am

Nicotine and alcohol addiction linked to a common enzyme

Cigarettes and booze are either two crippling addictions that often go hand in hand, or two great tastes that taste great together, depending on who you ask. People who have problems with both are often labelled "addictive personalities" but it turns out there might be something in our brain chemistry that ties both… » 9/16/11 6:40am 9/16/11 6:40am

So what made you start smoking?

At this point if you aren't willing to admit that smoking causes cancer, you either have your hands on an as-yet-not-deposited check from a tobacco company or you're wearing a tinfoil hat. It's not too surprising that people can't quit smoking, considering that cigarettes are addictive, in addition to being expensive,… » 8/24/11 7:00am 8/24/11 7:00am

In the 1930s, cigarette packs predicted the future

In the 1930s, This Age of Power and Wonder was a collection of scifi prophecies that could be found in the curiousest of places — cigarette boxes. » 11/27/10 7:00am 11/27/10 7:00am

Smoking cigarettes damages 323 different human genes

It's not exactly news that smoking cigarettes is bad for you, but this latest danger is a doozy: smoking damages your genome. The largest genetic study of smoking ever has identified over 300 genes that are negatively affected by cigarettes. » 7/15/10 1:00pm 7/15/10 1:00pm