John C. Reilly's Vampire Seduction Is A Love/Hate Experience

Our vampire glut continues with Vampire's Assistant, which replaces fangs with fingernails and gives vampires "healing spit" powers. The good parts are enchanting, but the copious bad parts will leave a "bad blood" taste in your mouth. Spoilers ahead... » 10/23/09 3:31pm 10/23/09 3:31pm

Vampire's Assistant Proves Vampires Can Make Anyone Sexy... Except…

John C. Reilly pulls off the undead sexiness in Vampire's Assistant, as new clips prove. On the other hand, there's Willem Dafoe's effeminate pencil-thin mustached vamp impersonation. Watch for yourself, below. » 10/20/09 8:00am 10/20/09 8:00am

8 Clips From Vampire's Assistant Prove Salma Hayek's Still Sexy, Even…

We're actually very excited about John C. Reilly as the vampire ringmaster in the movie of the Cirque du Freak novels. First, he can act. And second, the movie's not just limited to vampires, there's a whole mess of freaks. » 10/05/09 12:31pm 10/05/09 12:31pm

Don Cheadle Talks War Machine. Let Me In Cast Confirmed. Plus Who's…

Cheadle, Paltrow, and ScarJo talk from the set of Iron Man 2, and Let Me In's cast is confirmed. Plus a Cirque Du Freak clip, and a town goes mad in The Crazies' trailer. And DC's sexiest superhero visits Smallville. » 10/02/09 6:00am 10/02/09 6:00am

First Look At The Vampire Slap Fights From The Traveling Freak Show

Can these zoomy undead kids perk your vampire fetish? The first clip from the traveling-freak-circus film The Vampire's Assistant, with a bearded Salma Hayek and John C. Reily as vampire ringleader, pins teen vamp against vamp, with hot streak-effect action. » 8/27/09 8:00am 8/27/09 8:00am

One Character on Heroes is Dying, Another May Make the Move to Lost

One Heroes character gets a death sentence, a Heroes actor may turn up on Lost, and someone's seen the pilot script for Day One. Plus plenty of spoilers for Fringe, True Blood, The Book of Eli, Chuck, and Eureka. » 8/07/09 6:00am 8/07/09 6:00am

John C. Reilly Wants You To Join His Circus of Freaks

The new trailer for the renamed Vampire's Assistant (formerly Cirque Du Freak) is out, and displaying all the crazies in John C. Rielly's circus - including Ken Wantanabe as Mr. Tall and a bearded Salma Hayek. » 8/05/09 5:00pm 8/05/09 5:00pm

Cirque du Freak Changed To Vampire Assistant, Because That's Better?

The live adaptation of the vampire circus novel series Cirque du Freak staring John C. Reilly, Willem Dafoe and Salma Hayek has swapped out names and put out a poster. Gonna say I like the original better. [First Showing] » 8/05/09 9:30am 8/05/09 9:30am

Monsters, The Rock, And Adults Trapped In Teen Bodies Flood Movie…

A monster from Big Man Japan is giving us the old eye-testicle wink, and we're lovin' it. The LA Times has a spread of new movie pics out, and we've picked the best. » 1/12/09 2:00pm 1/12/09 2:00pm