How the Citadel director's real-life agoraphobia turned into a horror movie

The Citadel director Ciaran Foy was attacked by a pack of 14-year-old kids and beaten with a hammer. Afterwards Foy found it difficult to leave his own home. He couldn't even get past his own front door. Years later, Foy has turned the crime into a pretty kickass horror movie about packs of crazed feral teens who… »11/08/12 6:01pm

Computer virus convinces users they've viewed child porn and must pay a $100 fine

There are still a lot of really stupid people on the internet, judging from the latest scam the FBI just warned against. An existing computer virus, called Citadel, has been repurposed as scam-ware, which notifies users that they've been caught looking at child porn and must pay a $100 fine to get off the hook. »6/03/12 2:15pm

Chain of tank-like fortresses would protect Japan from natural disasters and human enemies

These gloomy citadels are just a concept design, one that imagines a massive defense network that could surround and defend Japan. Using a chain of breakwaters and drainage channels, these fortresses would protect the coast from tsunamis, while serving as an added layer of defense for man-made threats to the islands. »5/05/12 6:30pm